PIUSI K600 Flow & Pulse Meter

The K600B/3 Diesel Meter is a highly accurate flow meter that provides a read out on the LCD screen as well as a pulse output for connecting to an external monitoring system or screen. It’s ideal for measuring the amount of diesel being dispensed or transferred. It has an integrated suction filter that ensures safe dispensing without impurities.

  • Oval Gear Metering 
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Pulse output 
  • Accuracy + or – 1% 
  • 5 digit resettable total
  • 8 digit lifetime total
  • Meter face can be rotated in 4 directions 

Easy-To-Read Digital Display

This diesel flow meter has a large 80mm digital LCD display that’s easy-to-read. The meter face can also be rotated in four different directions. It has a partial total of 5 digits (h=24mm) with a floating point from 0.001 to 999.99, which is resettable. Its total is 8 digits (h=5mm) from 1 to 99999999, and is not resettable. 

Technical Information

This digital flow meter has high accuracy of +/- 0.5%, thanks to its oval gears in acetal resin that provide precise measuring. It has a flow rate of 10 – 100 litres per minute and a repeatability of 0.2%. The pressure drop is <0.5 bar at the maximum flow rate. Pulses per litre can be set at 1, 2, 10, 20, 50, and 100 and the maximum pressure is 30 bar. It also has IP66 protection against water and dust. This oil flow meter weighs 3kg.

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