This 2 in 1 oil extractor and changer is excellent for removing waste oil and other liquids from vehicles. You can remove liquids from gearboxes, engines, and all vehicle differentials. It does this through a venturi vacuum system, using gravity. Its powerful suction probes allow you to extract oil quickly. 

Its wheels make it easily portable. This oil drainer also has a self-cleaning feature which makes emptying easy, clean, and safe. 

What else comes with it?

This oil changer comes with a 90 litre collection basin and a 10 litre drainage bowl. This makes it much easier for you to collect large amounts of liquid and safely dispose of it. Use the jig to easily adjust the height of the collection basin. The basin and extension are available on request. 

It also comes with 6 suction probes. A suction probe for trucks is available on request. The maximum height of this workshop oil drainer is 1800mm and the minimum height is 1100mm. It weighs 30kg.

Additional Features:

  • Tank size: H: 78xm x ∅: 40.6cm
  • Collection basin adjustable height: 100cm – 170cm
  • Max. draining capacity: 21gal / 80i
  • Air pressure for vacuum: 7 – 8bar / 100 – 114psi
  • Depressurisation time: 150 – 180 seconds
  • Max. discharge pressure: 1bar / 14psi
  • Noise level: 75dB
  • Suction speed with oil at 70 – 80°C, probes 6mm: 1.5 – 2lpm / 0.4 – 0.5gpm
  • Total suction capacity: 65 – 70l / 17 – 18.5gal
  • Suction hose length: 2m / 79″
  • Draining hose length: 2m / 79″

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