Premium Oil Kit

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PIUSI 3:1 Barrel Pump Kit


Premium Oil Pump Barrel Kit 

PIUSI Oil Barrel Kit comes with 3:1 silent air operated barrel pump, digital oil dispenser and 4 metres of delivery hose with swaged BSP ends. This kit is ideal for dispensing oil from barrels and is suitable for engine oil, lube oil, transmission oil, back end oil and all other medium to high viscosity oils.

  • 3:1 ratio PIUSI silent air operated pump 
  • Max flow rate up to 21 l/min
  • K400 digital oil dispensing nozzle
  • Anti Drip nozzle with flexi hose
  • 4 Metre 1/2″ delivery hose 
  • 2″ bung adaptor for perfect fit in 205L barrels
  • Silenet pumping 77dB

What is in the kit

This kit comes with a PIUSI 3:1 air operated oil barrel pump which has a solid suction shaft to suit a 205 L oil barrel. The kit also includes a 4 metre 1/2″ delivery hose with a PIUSI K400 oil dispensing nozzle. The 5 digit digital display provides a highly accurate method of metering oil. 

What can it be used for?

This PIUSI oil barrel kit is a high quality, high output and silent operating kit which is suitable for use with engine oil, lubricating oil, transmission oil, back end oil and synthetic oil. The 3:1 PIUSI pump is capable of flow rates of up to 21 litres per minute and can operate at up to 8 bar pressure at approx. only 77dB.

Other kit options

This kit can also be combined with a barrel dolly or barrel trolley, which would provide a fully portable oil dispensing solution in the workshop. To view our range of trolleys and other types of barrel dolly, view the related products section below or click here

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