The Bugs are taking over!!

Our fuel testing shows that microbial activity in fuel is on the rise. This is across all fuel grades – diesel, gas oil, petrol & kerosene. Microbial activity is any living micro organism that can live, feed and proliferate in a fuel environment. It manifests itself as slime.

Fuel tanks with a water layer, a sludge layer or that easily allow water to ingress are prime targets for the bug. It is the same with partially filled fuel tanks exposed to a range of temperatures and susceptible to condensation. Fuel in long term storage also needs careful attention. The presence of biofuel encourages bug growth, largely by attracting water.

What can he fuel bug lead to?

  • Excessive build up of sludge
  • Emulsions (tight fuel-water mixtures that wont separate)
  • Restrict fuel flow & fuel starvation
  • Blocked filters & pipes
  • High maintenance costs


  • Exocet Anti Bug Kill
  • Controls microbial growth
  • 1 litre treats 5000 litres