How To Clean Up Diesel or Oil Spills

If a diesel or oil spill occurs, you need to be prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled this quick list of guidelines for how to clean up any oil or diesel spills, according to the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland.

From minimising environmental pollution to ensuring your personal safety, we’ve got you covered.

Minimising Danger & Pollution

  • Before you do anything else, you have to make sure there’s no source of ignition present. If there is, it’s not safe to approach the area.
  • It’s recommended that you have a spill kit on hand to quickly absorb the diesel or oil. Spill clay or spill socks are great for using as a barrier or using to absorb the fuel directly.
  • It’s also important to find out the source of the leak or spill and stop it. For example, if a container has fallen over and the lid is open, close the lid.
Evo 20L Spill Kit

Our EVO 20L Spill Kit

How To Deal With Disposables & More

  • You can leave spills that are less than 100ml to evaporate on their own, if it’s safe to do so. You know it’s safe if the fuel or fuel vapour is away from ignition sources and other people who may be impacted by it, and if it’s unlikely that it will enter manholes or drains.
  • If you’ve used absorbents, you need to dispose of them correctly by placing them in a suitable container such as a securely sealed heavy plastic bag or plastic container. 
  • If you’re at a petrol station or anywhere there’s an oil interceptor, wash all remaining petrol into the interceptor, using water as you do so.
Evo 120L Spill Kit

Our EVO 120L Spill Kit

Your Personal Safety

Of course, you also need to look after your own safety when dealing with a petrol spill, since petrol can be harmful. Please ensure you do the following:

  • If any diesel or oil gets on your skin, wash your skin straight away with soapy water.
  • If any diesel or oil gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes with water straight away and get medical help.
  • If you’ve swallowed diesel or oil, you need to get medical help immediately and avoid causing yourself to vomit.
  • If any of your clothing has diesel or oil on it, you should take it off straight away and safely dispose of it.
Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

Our Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

If you’re ever unsure what to do when a spill occurs or you have difficulty containing a spill, call the emergency services on 999 or 112.

If you don’t have a spill kit or you need to replenish the one you have, check out our spill kits and spill kit replacements. We have 120L wheelie bin spill kits, spill socks, spill granules, spill fibre, spill pads, and more.

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