AdBlue Benefits &Dispensing Tips

Whether you already have a diesel car or you’re looking to buy one, it’s important to know all about AdBlue. That’s where our guide comes in. We’ll walk you through AdBlue benefits and dispensing tips for Irish diesel cars.

You’ll be ready to hit the road with your new found knowledge in no time.

What It Is & Why You Need It

AdBlue is a non-toxic diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) made from deionised water and high purity urea. It’s designed to lower harmful emissions, for a less polluted environment. 

In Ireland and many other countries, there are Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission standards that diesel engines have to meet. AdBlue helps engines to meet these standards. 

PIUSI Automatic AdBlue Nozzle

Our PIUSI Automatic AdBlue Nozzle

As emission standards become more strict over time, diesel cars with AdBlue are likely to be more future-proof. This will allow you to continue using your vehicle, even as regulations change.

AdBlue even helps with the maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), since it favours regeneration cycles. However, you’ll need to make regular long trips of at least 30 minutes, in order to keep the emissions system running smoothly.

Which Cars Use AdBlue?

Most diesel cars that were registered new after late 2015 will use AdBlue. There are few ways you can check if your car uses AdBlue:

  • You can contact the authorised distributor or manufacturer
  • You can check the owner’s manual
  • You can see if the model’s name includes ‘SCR’ or ‘Blue’
  • You can see if there’s an AdBlue filler cap beside the fuel filler, the boot, or under the bonnet.
PIUSI K24 AdBlue Flow Meter

Our PIUSI K24 AdBlue Flow Meter

Checking The AdBlue Level

There’s a dashboard light in most new vehicles that warns you if there’s an error or if you’re running low on fluids such as AdBlue. You’ll need to check the owner’s manual or contact the authorised distributor or manufacturer to understand the warning lights of your vehicle. 

A ‘Refill AdBlue’ warning light will show up on your dashboard when the AdBlue has run dry. The engine won’t start up again when you stop it, unless you top up on AdBlue.

Wondering how much AdBlue you need? This depends on the type of vehicle you have. A 10L pack is usually enough for cars. Larger vehicles like buses or trucks will need a few packs or a larger amount from a barrel, e.g. an AdBlue dispensing system or intermediate bulk container (IBC).

PIUSI 24V AdBlue Pump

Our PIUSI 24V AdBlue Pump

Topping Up Your AdBlue

Many service stations in Ireland supply AdBlue. Check out our full guide here to find out where to get AdBlue near you. We also have a Northern Ireland guide here.

AdBlue is stored within its own tank in diesel cars, completely separate to the fuel tank. It should never be put into the engine.

When it comes to filling your tank, it’s vital to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on usage, e.g. which fluid to use, how much fluid to use, etc. 

It’s recommended that you only use an AdBlue product that’s manufactured according to the applicable ISO standards.

Carbery Plastics 1,350L AdBlue Tank

Our Carbery Plastics 1,350L AdBlue Tank

If you fill diesel in an AdBlue tank or AdBlue in a diesel tank, do not start the vehicle. The tank will have to be drained and you’ll need to contact the manufacturer if there’s any lasting damage.

We hope our guide on AdBlue benefits and dispensing tips for Irish diesel cars proves helpful for you. 

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