Fuel Dispensing Equipment For Irish Farms

Fuel is the lifeblood of Irish farms. It powers tractors, generators, and the various machinery you use every day. 

To make your job easier, it’s vital that your fuel transfer equipment is efficient, reliable, and easy to use. It also must adhere to environmental regulations. 

So check out our guide below, where we go through the top quality fuel dispensing equipment we have in stock for you. This includes fuel pumps, flow meters, nozzles, tanks, tank gauges, and more.

PIUSI Panther 56 Pump

Our PIUSI Panther 56 Pump

Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are the backbone of any efficient fuel management system. They come in various capacities and power options, allowing farmers to select the right pump based on their needs.

We have a great range of pumps for oil, diesel, AdBlue, milk, and water. Our range includes self-priming pumps, submersible pumps, electric pumps, and hand pumps. 

If you have a dairy farm, our milk pumps will come in extremely handy. Or if you need to irrigate crops, our PTO water pumps can be placed on the back of your tractor.

Ferroni PTO Pump On The Back Of A Tractor

Our Ferroni PTO Pump On The Back Of A Tractor

Fuel Flow Meters & Nozzles

Fuel flow meters are essential for accurately measuring fuel flow when dispensing. We have models suitable with oil, diesel, and more fluids. Many of them are digital with an easy-to-read display.

We also have a range of nozzles and some of these have a flow meter on them so you don’t have to buy them separately. We also have anti-drip and auto shut-off nozzles, which help prevent spillages.

PIUSI K33 Oil Flow Meter

Our PIUSI K33 Oil Flow Meter

Fuel Tanks

Storing fuel on-site is cost-effective and convenient with our fuel tanks. Whether you need to store petrol, oil, diesel, AdBlue, or water, we have a tank for you. 

Our range includes bunded tanks which have a second skin that acts as a safeguard in case a spill occurs. This helps prevent environmental pollution on your farm.

We also have tanks that are built with corrosion-resistance, so they can last a long time in great condition.

If your farm is in a remote area or you have farms in multiple locations, then our mobile tanks will be very useful. Have a look at our smaller tanks that have handles and wheels, perfect for transporting fuel. We have models for diesel, AdBlue, and more.

Emilcaddy Diesel Mobile Tanks

Our Emilcaddy Diesel Mobile Tanks

Fuel Tank Gauges & Alarms

Our tank gauges will help you monitor fuel usage so you can avoid wastage. They’ll also help you avoid spills. We have a range of models for above ground and below ground tanks.

Our high level alarm will alert you when the tank is almost full, so you can prevent an overflow. It can be used with kerosene, B100, biofuel, oil, heating oil, and diesel. It also constantly monitors so you don’t have to keep manually testing it.

So there’s a sample of the types of fuel dispensing equipment we have for your Irish farm. They come from trusted brands like PIUSI and they’re designed to make your life easier.

As Irish farms continue to evolve, the integration of efficient fuel transfer equipment becomes increasingly important. From minimising downtime and reducing costs to promoting sustainability, our modern fuel dispensing solutions will empower you to operate at your best.