Piusi Cube 90

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90 l/min Diesel Pump

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This fuel pump is a diesel fuel dispenser intended for non- commercial use. The Piusi Cube 90 has a maximum flow rate up to 90 l/min, which is equivalent to 23.8 gpm for efficient fuel transfer. This self-priming, vane pump is fitted with a bypass valve, installed on anti-vibration supports. This helps to maintain an even pressure and keep the system operating. The self- priming feature allows the diesel pump to remove air from the pump suction line without the need for any external devices. The mesh filter installed on the suction side will prevent the rotor from contamination. Contamination could cause blockage and consequent breakage of the diesel pump. Therefore, you’re guaranteed reliability and a long- lasting performance with this purchase.

A 3 digit, K44 flow meter comes with the diesel transfer meter to measure the exact quantity of the dispensed diesel fuel. This makes it easier for monitoring purposes with a nutating disk system feature. When in use, the diesel pump has a noise level below 75dB. As a guide, 80dB equates to the noise of a ringing phone. This user- friendly feature means that the fuel pump has low noise levels, providing ease and comfort in the working environment. This product comes with an IP45 protection. This means the Piusi Cube 90 is protected from low pressure water jets from any direction. As a highly versatile fuel transfer pump, it’s suitable for different applications. It can be fixed to walls, tanks, cisterns, drums and special pedestals. It’s also used in different industries including, logistics, agriculture, mining and construction. 

Additional features:

-4 metre 1″ delivery hose

-Accuracy: +/- 1%

-A120 automatic shut off nozzle

-Nozzle holder with on/off switch

-230 volt diesel pump

-1” BSP Inlet

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