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Depuroil Oil Filtering Unit

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Oil Filtering Unit

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PIUSI Depuroil Oil Filtration Unit

The Depuroil Oil Filtering Unit is designed for pumping and filtering both oil and diesel. It provides filtering by pumping the fluid through a 10 micron particle filter and absorbs any impurities or particles. With the pump and filter mounted on a heavy duty trolley, it is the perfect all in one, portable transfer and filtering unit.

  • Fully mobile filtering unit 
  • Viscomat 70 vane pump 
  • 10 micron filter 
  • 230v or 110v power options 
  • 20 – 25 litres per minute 
  • 10 micron particle filter 
  • Manometer for blocked filter detection 
  • Suction hose with solid suction shaft
  • Delivery hose 
  • Dimensions: 600 mm x 290 mm x 300 mm

Bulk Oil Transfer

The Depuroil is designed and manafactured by PIUSI and can be used to transfer oil from one tank to another while also filtering the oil as it passes through. The viscomat 70 pump that is in the kit is capable of flow rates of up to 20 l/min. 

Oil Filtration 

The Depuroil Oil Filtering Unit is capable of filtering oil down to 10 microns using the PIUSI CF100 oil and fuel filter. It also has a built in meter to indicate once the filter is blocked. Each unit is supplied with an additional CF100 replacement filter.

Why is filtering oil important?

There are many reasons why you might need to filter oil. It could be to remove any contaminants when filling machines with oil that has been removed to preform repairs, removing oil from an older tank or as a precaution to prevent any issues. Often machines such as tractors, trucks or quarry equipment require oil to be emptied to preform repairs, it is at the point of refilling that filtering the oil going back in can ensure that no debris or containments get back into the system.

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