Bio Fuel Problems

Exocet have been investigating the ongoing problems with filter blockages. They have tested over 100 fuel samples & analysed the contents of these filters. Very often the fuel looks clear & bright with no evidence of contamination.

The results of their testing shows that fuel is now containing high volumes of FAME (bio diesel) & high levels of water content & particle contamination but in the majority of cases the fuel is compliant with standards.

Filters are being blocked by insoluble components of FAME as well as microscopic tank & supply chain debris. Work is ongoing to ensure that the blending of petroleum diesel with FAME is as good as possible. Regardless, FAME is here to stay and should be treated with some form of additive.

Exocet has been providing suitable additives for several years and its no coincidence that those customers who have been using additised fuel for a reasonable period have not experienced any such problems.

The solution to this problem is to use Exocet Gas Oil Supreme to prevent emulsions forming & in turn resulting in filters lasting longer. Click on the link below to purchase this product