Exocet Cooker Additive

Exocet Cooker is a specialist fuel additive designed to improve the burn quality of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being utilized. Domestic kerosene is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid that is derived from petroleum and converted to energy to power domestic heating systems.

As imports of domestic kerosene are continuing to grow, it can lead to the quality of the fuel to vary greatly. This can create a number of problems to the user including early pump failure, premature choking of range cookers and boilers, bug and water contamination.

Problems with Cookerss

Fuel flow is critical in cookerss and a good flow through the controller and the fuel feed pipe is essential. The actual installation and location of a cooker are also important factors in ensuring your AGA works to its full potential. It should be perfectly level and have an exceptional draught (chimney) efficiency. The AGA can be greatly affected by changes in airflow as a result of: double glazing, replacement doors, home extensions/improvements, trees and even birds’ nests!


How can exocet help?

exocet Cooker is a fuel additive which was formulated with AGAs in mind and designed to improve the burn quality of domestic kerosene.

When it comes to range cookers, exocet Cooker is fit for purpose, tried, tested and an industry recognised product. Our sales of this fuel additive continue to grow month on month and it is truly an all year-round product and is regarded as an essential product for our range cooker customers. Did you know Exocet Cooker is endorsed by ESSE stove makers? Read their case study here.

Issues with boilers

Keeping your boiler clean between services is becoming more and more important. Doing this means that your boiler stays at peak performance for longer, excess fuel burn is reduced and the servicing load is eased. Newer boilers now have strict limits on emissions which became more stringent in 2018.

How can exocet help?

FAST exocet have been producing heating oil additives for many years that reduce deposit formation in boilers. Our premium heating oil additive reduces deposit build up around nozzles and heat exchanger surfaces, reducing boiler servicing problems. We also supply a fragranced version for use in environments sensitive to fuel odours or where sensory evidence of the premium fuel needs to be demonstrated. We have conducted many tests and reported that these additives can improve boiler efficiency by up to 10%.

Most domestic heating oil boilers lose efficiency between annual services without the home owner knowing about it, as the boiler is still appearing to run as normal. Major efficiency losses occur in transferring the fuel energy to the heating system are due to partially blocked nozzles as shown in the images below. Deposits on the heat exchanger services and incomplete chemical combustion are also contributory factors. These issues mean that the boiler has to fire more regularly and burn more fuel in order to achieve a set room temperature.