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800 Litre Bin Spill Kit

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800 Litre bin spill kit

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800 Litre Bin Spill Kit 

The 800L Spill Kit is a proactive measure to minimize environmental impact and safeguard against potential workplace hazards and spillages.

The 800L Spill Kit is an ideal solution for managing and containing spills efficiently. Designed for industrial, commercial and factory environments, this kit includes a large-capacity bin equipped with absorbents, pads, socks, and protective gear. The 800-litre capacity ensures ample storage for tackling substantial spills, providing a comprehensive and quick response to emergencies.

The general purpose spill kit comes fully packed with absorbent equipment which are designed and tested to effectively soak and contain various liquids, including oil, fuel and other substances. There is also the option of a chemical spill kit, designed to contain hazardous liquids. The bin itself is highly durable and supplied on wheels for portability and ease of moving making it the reliable choice for businesses prioritizing safety and compliance.

The 800L Spill Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Wheeled bin (800 Litre)
  • 32 x Absorbent socks 8cm x 3m
  • 200 x Absorbent pads 40cm x 50cm
  • 2 x Absorbent Roll 50cm x 40M
  • 1 x Plug Rug drain cover 45cm x 65cm
  • 1 x Plugging compound
  • 8 x Disposal bag & tie
  • 1 x Roll Spill Hazard tape
  • 1 x Instruction and contents sheet

The chemical spill kit is specifically designed for use when chemical or hazardous spillages.

Spill Kit Advantages 

Spill kits offer several advantages, including rapid response to accidental spills, preventing environmental contamination and ensuring workplace safety. These kits come with absorbents, barriers, and protective gear, enabling quick and efficient cleanup of hazardous substances. By facilitating a swift response, spill kits help minimize potential harm, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect both the environment and workers. Their versatility and ease of use make spill kits essential for various industries, offering a proactive solution to mitigate risks and address emergency situations effectively.


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General Purpose Oil & Fuel Spill Kit, Chemical Spill Kit

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