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Gravity Hose Filter Kit

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3M, 4M or 6M Hose Kit

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Gravity Hose, Nozzle & Filter Kit

These Gravity Flow Kits are the perfect solution for dispensing diesel from tanks using gravity. The kits comes with a 1″ lever valve, 1″ delivery hose, standard nozzle and a 10 micron gravity filter which is everything you need to start dispensing diesel.  They can be easily connected to any tank with a 1″ outlet and come supplied with all the fittings you need.

  • Available in 3, 4 and 6 metre hose options
  • Heavy duty 1″ hose 
  • Swaged ends with sealing O rings
  • 1″ Lever shut off valve
  • Standard refueling nozzle 
  • Gravity flow filter 
  • Plastic bowl with drain valve
  • Max pressure 10 bar

Gravity Flow Filter Kit

This Gravity Hose Kit comes supplied with a 10 micron filter. The filter housing has a 1″ inlet & outlet port, allowing them to be easily assembled to any existing tank. The Kit can be configured in a few different ways but ideally, the lever valve should be installed into the inlet of the tank, with the filter attached using hte 1″ x 1″ nipple provided and then the hose will screw directly into the filter housing. 

For use with diesel or HVO

This gravity hose pack is designed for use with diesel and HVO and are supplied in a 3, 4 or 6 metre kits.  

What Tanks Do These Kits Suit?

This Gravity Hose Kit suits a wide range of diesel tanks both plastic and steel. The standard nozzle supplied on these kits is 25mm, making it suitable for use with cars, vans, jeeps, trucks and all other machinery with a fill point larger than 25mm. 

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg

3M Hose Kit, 4M Hose Kit, 6M Hose Kit

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