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Stainless Steel Lift Pump

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Stainless Steel Lift Pump

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The Groz Stainless Steel Lift Pump VLP-SS is a self-priming vertical lift pump with excellent chemical resistance. The pump body is made from 316 stainless steel, making it suitable for use with harsh liquids and ensuring it lasts a long time. 

It’s designed for use with 15-55 gallon (50-205 litre) barrels.

Suitable With Many Liquids

The PTFE piston makes it suitable for use with a wide variety of liquids. These include DEF, diesel, kerosene, AdBlue, benzene, acetone, thinners, solvents, light oil (up to SAE 40), and more. 

Do not use this hand pump with heavy oils.

What comes with it?

This diesel lift pump comes with a 2″ bung adaptor with dual threads for use with metal and plastic drums. In-built lock nut for attaching grounding wires. Its construction consists of a vertical lift handle, an outlet spout, a suction tube, a bung adaptor with dual threads, and a lock nut for grounding wires.

If you need to restrict the flow rate, insert a flow control tube into the lift handle.


  • Flow rate is UPTO 20 OZ. (600 ml) / STROKE
  • Pump type: Vertical Lift 
  • Max. viscosity: SAE 40 
  • Adapter type: 2″
  • Max. temperature: 60° C (140°F)
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Wetted components: 316 Stainless steel, PTFE

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

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